Toss with care turns the act of throwing things away into a form of giving; creating a sense of awareness about how we discard items in our city streets. Trash cans are a great source of food and other finds for street dwellers. Many dig in the trash to retrieve bottle for funds, leftover food or whatever helpful finds they might come across. Toss with care helps provide hungry and thirsty individuals with the leftovers that would otherwise have been discarded. Next time you think to carelessly discard that leftover sandwich or coffee, remember to Toss with Care.

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Toss with care was apart of my design thesis. Along the way I spent much time trying to understand the homeless and homelessness that exists in our city. I became fascinated with trash divers. We all rescue worthwhile things in the trash, once in a while. However, to many people in our city the trash is more than an occasional find, rather a way of life. This gave birth to toss w/care which allows us to toss more consciously. By this, we strive to reduce food waste by aiding a needy individual. One can toss general trash, recycle a bottle and most of all share a leftover meal that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill, leaving another person hungry on the street.

It actually started with a trash trampoline or (trash)poline as i call it.  It was a fun, initial experiment.  We throw things away so unconsciously but what if one day your trash can went on strike? I planted it in local trash cans. When people would discard things, the items would bounce out of the can. Some laughed, others were not too happy about it, but it was an initial step to make people look closer at the can and what they were throwing away. (trash)poline

I hope to develop Toss with care into a larger trash can.