Street View

The device was tested on several street corners throughout New York City. After watching people expressions some in shock and confusion others in great interest, I decided to ask their opinion:

I was shocked! I think it’s great. I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago and they had recycling everywhere. I live in this neighborhood and would participate in this program [female, 26-32]

“I think it’s interesting, I think this is a great start” [male, 28-34]

I noticed it! It bothers me when I see trash mixed with recyclables. The city could probably save money if they invested more in recycling. I think it’s aesthetically pleasing and I like the use of the divisions [Male 22-28]

“IS THIS NEW FROM THE CITY?!” [Female 28-34]

I think it’s a waste, just throw it out, put it all together. I live here and most of it just ends up on the curb anyway [female, 52-62]

“Is this new? I think it’s useful, how else are we going to recycle…good luck” [male, 42-48]

It seems to me that this is a great way to help the homeless sort through the trash. The design is awesome though. It’s light weight and in regard to manufacturers it’s easy to produce and wouldn’t take a lot of materials. [Male 26-28]